Gin And Vodka Now Comes In Fruit Salad And Drumstick Sweets Flavours

Plus More UNUSUAL Flavours by The Bolton Gin Company

Original Post by ANNA

With the weather finally heating up (although, there are thunderstorms on the horizon, apparently…), we’re even more on the lookout for exciting drinks than usual. And we think this flavoured gin and vodka really fit the bill.

We recently discovered that The Bolton Gin Company sells a gin and a vodka inspired by two of our favourite childhood sweets: Fruit Salad and Drumsticks.

The Drumsticks vodka is flavoured with those chewy creamy raspberry lollies from our childhood, while the Fruit Salad gin has the flavour of raspberry and pineapple, just like those sweets that would always get stuck in our teeth.

We just can’t stop thinking about the cocktails you could make with either of these. Or boozy slushies would be ideal during a heatwave. Or, to be honest, they’d both be delicious with just lemonade or soda with tons of ice.

You can pick up both the Fruit Salads gin and the Drumsticks vodka, as well as many of our other funky, unusual flavours from our Online Flavoured Gin Shop.

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